A Letter from the Leaders of Covenant Church

To Whom It may Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to assist Michael and Dana Cole in their pursuit of a desire to restore peoples lives. Michael and Dana have been members of Covenant Church for over 15 years. Covenant has been serving the Carrolton/North Dallas area for over 20 years and has a current congregation approaching 15,000 members. The Coles have served faithfully in leadership at our church in different departments and ministries. Their true calling and gifting, however, seems to be in counseling and mentoring people.

Michael and Dana have been through many challenges themselves. Both have been divorced, they have blended thier families, faced medical issues, financial hardships and many other obstacles that have equipped them to help others in this arena. They feel God has called them for just this purpose. Since the Coles have served with us in both our premarital and marriage mentoring divisions of the family Enrichment Department, we feel that they have adequet training and seasning to help restore peoples lives all over the United States.

Michael and Dana are currently seeking approval as mediators with the Court System. Many Doctors, Judges and Attorneys are looking for this type of resource that they may refer to. Many in the system are seeing the negative impact of depression, addiction, suicide and a host of other ailments affecting our communities and are suggesting mediation to alternaltively save relationships and keep families together. The impact of the aformentioned ailments is huge for all involved and has been known to lead to other problems such as depression, lost wages, drugs, alochol abuse, crime and suicide.

Michael and Dana Cole's services are so greatly needed in our communites and througout the world. We strongly recommend and endorse Michael and Dana Cole in thier desire to save peoples lives.

Please find enclosed some of the comments that have been received testifying to the success of these committed people.


Mitch Manning
Associate Pastor
Education & Family Enrichment
Covenant Church
Mike Hayes
Founder & Senior Pastor
Covenant Church

Covenant Church
2644 E. Trinity Mills Rd.
Carrollton, TX 75006
972.416.5466 phone
972.427.6908 fax

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